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Practice Frenzel Equalisation Before Your Freediving Course

One of the common questions that we get from most of the people is – what are the things that they should know or prepare before enrolling a freediving course. We would say – Equalisation.

The equalisation is one of the crucial practice in freediving. When we talk about equalising the ears, we mean equalising the middle ear. This is the area behind the eardrum that leads, via the Eustachian tubes, to the back of the throat. The more we practice equalisation the better we will be able to equalise when we're diving.

In this article, we are going to talk about what are steps to equalise our ears. So before you enrol to a freediving course, it is always ideal for you to get yourself to be more prepared with learning to equalise your ears, especially for beginners. 😉

'Frenzel Equalisation' is always a recommended method. Because smaller muscle groups are used to perform the technique without using abdominal muscles. It's a more relaxed and more controlled way to equalise our middle ears.

So let's talk about 'Frenzel Equalisation' a.k.a Frenzel Maneuver:

Key steps of the 👂🏻 Frenzel Maneuver:

  1. Pinch your nose

  2. Place the front of your tongue at the roof of your mouth as if you are making a T or K sound

  3. Seal your lips

  4. Relax your soft palate

  5. Lift the back of your larynx or imaging pushing your tongue up to push the air out of the mouth and into the nose

  6. Feel your ear is popping and your nose is inflating

Equalise frequently before you feel the pressure building up against your eardrums. Don't wait until you feel the pain.


Still not getting the idea? No worries!

Download and watch the video below 👇🏼

Practice Frenzel Equalisation Before You
Download • 115.95MB

We hope with this tutorial will help you with your equalisation and get yourself more prepared for your upcoming freediving course or your next dive! 😄


If you already a Molchanovs member, follow these : 👇🏼

  1. Login to your Molchanovs dashboard, open the course material, review the <Equalisation> part, and do all the exercises.

  2. Find greater details in Adam Stern's video explaining Equalisation Click here!


📌Make sure you find a freediving instructor to check on your equalisation, click here! Or you could drop us a message at if you need help with your equalisation. 🙂


Sign up your first freediving course (Molchanovs WAVE 1) with us now! 🌐


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