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Have you ever imagined enjoying the sun on the beach only to find yourself stranded in a sea of cars? When was the last time we paused, listened, felt, or let go as adults?

To feel, or "rasa" (borrowing a word from Malay) - is an integral part of life. When you bravely let go of everything, you rediscover your feelings for your body, mind, and soul and find a reason to laugh again.

Practice Relaxation at Freedive AndRasa

Our founders love to travel. But like many others, they used to be hardworking city dwellers. Until one day, they felt they couldn't be squeezed anymore and decided to step back. After touring the world, they learned how to self-liberate in the water.

The founding of AndRasa Studio draws inspiration from the Malay word RASA, which means "to feel". We aim to help everyone step out of their comfort zone, truly relax, and genuinely feel. Feeling (rasa) is a vital part of life, and we believe that by bravely letting go of everything, you can regain your feelings for your body, mind, and soul and find a reason to laugh again.

AndRasa Studio is a home for anyone who feels lost. They come to find their original selves and allow themselves to feel again in this crowded world. When tiredness strikes, perhaps you needn't lie down, go crazy shopping, and binge drink or eat. Let AndRasa take you into the water, let go, and achieve true relaxation.

"Success isn't about
what you aim for, but whether you can maintain good spiritual enjoyment. This is the attitude that AndRasa brings to its students."


Swimming and freediving are exercises requiring one to practice their bodily senses and feel the water.  The same goes for life - to feel, face, overcome, know oneself, be like water, appreciate the beauty of every breath, embrace life, be grateful, and live bravely.


AndRasa Studio offers freediving courses that create a stress-free learning environment, teaching you how to conquer your fear of deep water and learn to relax. Our experienced instructor helps you achieve profound relaxation, build body and mind awareness, and foster a connection with the water.

We also provide classes on breathing techniques and other methods to relax, both in and out of the water. Our workshops are designed to be fun, creative, and promote mindfulness and self-awareness.

Our mission is to not only provide high quality freediving courses, but also to save marine life and support minorities in society. We donate 10% of our profits to charitable organizations in Malaysia to restore the ocean and support minorities in need.

Join AndRasa and learn to freedive with a purpose!

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