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Freediving is a form of breath-hold diving that allows for deep relaxation underwater. Its philosophies, including concentration and patience, attract many people. The sport encourages individuals to embrace the diving process and focus on the present moment instead of solely on reaching a goal. Our course is a great way to experience the benefits of freediving and build body awareness.

Join us for a unique and rewarding activity and learn freediving today!


We focus on helping our students learn proper freediving techniques, improve their skills, and build body awareness to stay comfortable in deep waters
with a single breath. Overall, holistic mindfulness is our main approach.


We provide Molchanovs Freediving courses which enable students to develop proper techniques and become part of the world's best freedivers community.



For the price, please enquire for more details.

*Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate last-minute bookings. We highly recommend reserving in advance for optimal availability.

RasaNova - Feel The New You  

Our 3-day freediving package includes intensive swimming sessions and a freediving fundamental course, perfect for those who want to build their water confidence. Designed to help beginners feel more comfortable in the water, this course is a great way to start your freediving journey.

Freediving Fundamentals

Our 1-day freediving course gives you a solid foundation in the basics of freediving. You'll get one open water training session and a fun dive. No certification included.

Wave 1 

Our 2.5-day beginner course teaches you breath-hold techniques, relaxation, duck dives, and more. Our expert instructors will help you improve your freediving skills and achieve your goals. Become a confident and skilled freediver with us.

Wave 2 

This 3.5-day intermediate freediving course is designed to refine and develop your knowledge, skills, and techniques. Join us for an intense and fun session where you will learn a lot and become a more skilled and confident freediver.


Join us for some training, if you're a certified freediver looking to improve your skills and confidently assist another diver with safety. Come with a dive buddy or meet a new one here.


Looking for personalized feedback to improve your diving skills? Our coaching sessions offer a dive plan and individualized instruction to help you become a more skilled and confident freediver. Join us and take your diving to the next level.


Experience the best of Pulau Perhentian's underwater world with our unique freediving sites. Our sites cater to intermediate and advanced divers, with a range of wrecks, turtles, sharks, swim-throughs, and healthy coral. Join us for an unforgettable experience and explore the beauty of Pulau Perhentian's underwater world.

Freediving Courses


If you want to join us exploring the ocean, send us a message below or contact us on Whatsapp.

*Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate last-minute bookings. We highly recommend reserving  in advance for optimal availability.

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