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Freediving is breath-hold diving, being in the water whilst holding one's breath, and experiencing major relaxation.  The philosophies of freediving are what attract people the most. It requires one’s mind to be fully concentrated and be extra patient with oneself. Besides, it helps us to build body awareness through feeling the sensation in the water. Most importantly, is to enjoy the process instead of the goal.


We focus on helping our students to learn
the proper techniques of freediving, and improve upon what they already know. Moreover, building their
body awareness and staying comfortably in the deep water with a single breath is what we prioritized too.




We provide Molchanovs Freediving courses -
the world’s best freedivers community enables students to develop proper freediving techniques



For the price, please enquire for more details.

RASA Package 

This 5-day package includes intensive swimming sessions and a beginner freediving course (wave 1). Suitable for students who are afraid of water or want to strengthen their water confident level before their freediving course. 

Freediving Fundamentals

This 1.5-day course includes the basic knowledge of freediving, one open water training session with one fun dive at the end of the day. No certification included.

Wave 1 

The 2.5-day introductory course teaches basic knowledge of freediving, such as breath-hold techniques, relaxation and duck-dives.

Wave 2 

This 3.5 day intermediate course designs to refine and develop your freediving knowledge, skills and techniques. An intense, fun course where you will learn a lot!

Wave 3 [Currently Unavailable]

The 6-day advanced course designs to deepen your skills and make you an independent freediver that can safely train with others.


Join us for some training if you are already a certified freediver and can confidently safety another diver. Come with a buddy or meet a new dive buddy here. 


Coaching is a diving session with the instructor giving you a dive plan and personalised feedback
to your dive.


Come and explore the underwater world of Pulau Perhentian. Pulau Perhentian has many unique freediving sites surrounding its shores that are only a short boat ride away. Sites range from beginner to advanced level, with many wrecks, turtles, sharks, swim-throughs and healthy coral to see.



If you want to join us exploring the ocean, send us a message below or contact us on Whatsapp.


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