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Unwind Your Mind
Through Freediving

Freediving is so much more than just holding your breath. It’s an activity that involves your body, mind & spirit. 


Join us to explore Pulau Perhentian's underwater beauty and unleash your potential.


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AndRasa (& Rasa) draws inspiration from the Malay word RASA, which means "to feel". Our mission is to help everyone step out of their comfort zone, truly relax, and genuinely feel. Feeling (rasa) is a vital part of life, and we believe that by bravely letting go of everything, you can regain your feelings for your body, mind, and soul and find a reason to laugh again.

At AndRasa, we offer Molchanovs Freediving courses,
SSI Swimming and personalized coaching sessions to help you become a skilled and confident freediver.


We also specialize in helping people overcome their fear of water. Join us to explore the beauty of Pulau Perhentian's underwater world and become a part of the AndRasa community.



Join us for a unique and rewarding activity and learn freediving today!

Freediving Malaysia at Freedive AndRasa Kamalia and friends_edited.jpg


I think before you’ve tried freediving, it can seem a bit scary. What with having no oxygen, being deep in the water etc. However, the things that scare us, can sometimes end up in the best experiences - with the right teacher!! 🧡🧡
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